baking some of the most hand to mouth goodies in Toronto

Sullivan & Bleeker Baking Co. is one of Canada's best bakeries and 100% nut free. Located in Toronto, all products are made with premium ingredients, the best chocolate, baked locally and hand-decorated. Sullivan & Bleeker offers a large variety of delicious regular and mini sized cupcakes, and also features cookies, and jarcakes. Whatever gourmet goodie goes in the hand from Sullivan & Bleeker bakery will quickly wind up in one's mouth.

Sullivan & Bleeker Baking Co.
877 Alness Street
Toronto ON M3J 2X4
Tele: +1 416.961.3553

creme de la Honey Creme

Crème de la crème in a cup—South Korea's Honey Creme premium soft serve ice cream is one of Asia's premier soft serve ice creams, with specialty boutiques in Singapore, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and San Francisco, CA. Honey Creme's Tiramisu is hand crafted with Honey Creme's 100% organic milk based ice cream, lady finger cookies, Baileys, espresso, and topped off with a dusting of cocoa. The ice cream menu includes Organic Cotton Candy Affogato, Organic Cotton Candy, Dark Chocolate, Honey Comb, and many other cool and creamy creations.

Honey Creme USA
839 Irving Street
San Francisco, CA 94112

chocolate in the raw

Ombar Pure 90% Raw Cacao bar is dark, surprisingly creamy, and nutrient rich unlike highly processed chocolate. Ombar uses 100% organic, premium, Nacional Arriba cacao beans from Ecuador that deliver a unique flavor profile, one that isn't bitter, and is sweetened with unrefined coconut sugar. Ombar's raw organic chocolate line is dairy free, and certified organic by the UK Soil Association.

Cambridge, United Kingdom

strawberry white chocolate crunch

Hotel Chocolat's take on the traditional English dessert Eton Mess is a tasty, curvaceous 75g/2.6oz slab of strawberry and vanilla flavored white chocolate with crunchy bits of tangy, fresh freeze-dried strawberries, meringue, and biscuit.

Hotel Chocolat is a British chocolatier with over 70 shops in the UK, Australia and Denmark, that offer a lavish selection of classic and eclectic slabs, batons, bars and chocolate collections. Hotel Chocolat is the only chocolate company in the UK that grows its own cocoa. Hotel Chocolat ships worldwide.

Hotel Chocolat
Customer Service: +1 03444 93 23 23
Order 24/7: +1 03444 93 13 13

crunchy confection with pistachios

Milk Chocolate Morsels are crunchy pistachios enrobed in milk chocolate and caramelized with a dusting of icing sugar, one item in the Toronto based Dufflet® Small Indulgences collection. Enjoy straight out of the box, add as a topping to a favorite ice cream, cupcake, or cake. Keep Milk Chocolate Morsels whole or chop up and add to brownie batter, cake batter, or cookie dough.

Toronto, Ontario